Beer Here Now is the Official Thornbridge Brewery Podcast

Social media's great isn't it? We love keeping you in touch with what's going on at Thornbridge with words, photos and videos.

Then we got thinking - why can't we keep do it with audio as well?

And with that... Beer Here Now was born



James Marriott works in podcasting full-time, hosting a football show and one about the beer scene in Sheffield.

His favourite Thornbridge beer is all of them.

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Adam Nicholson does design and graphics and stuff like that.

His other podcast is also all about beer, which is handy.

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What's in Beer Here Now?

Every month we'll bring you a new episode including:

  • The News: all the latest from Thornbridge including exclusive new beer announcements
  • A-Z: Find out all about the quirkier side of the brewery history
  • Behind The Beer: Meet the staff who make Thornbridge what it is
  • What Thornbridge Means To Me: Someone from the world of beer explains their affinity for the brewery
  • Beer Brief: We learn all about a Thornbridge beer... and most importantly, give it a try!
  • Competitions: Chances to win lovely Thornbridge beer and other great prizes
  • Reports from events and launches... and lots lots more!

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