Episode 1

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27th Nov 2018

Jaipur: ’13 years on and more popular than ever’

Episode 1 of Beer Here Now sees us focus on the flagship beer in the Thornbridge range, Jaipur. We learn about its origins and how it has developed over the years from brewery CEO Simon Webster, while Adam and James give us the verdict on how it tastes out of the can. Also in Episode 1: Behind The Beer: we meet Thornbridge head brewer Rob Lovatt What Thornbridge Means To Me: podcast co-host Adam Nicholson reveals why he loves the brewery Thornbridge News: Adam and James exclusively reveal the first few beers on the Year of Beer release list for 2019 We exclusively learn when the new canning line will be installed at the brewery (hint: work starts very very soon!) Get your diary ready as we reveal the date for Peakender 2019 New Thornbridge website and online shop incoming... along with all new merchandise Update on Thornbridge and Co pub openings around the country The A to Z of Thornbridge: A is for... Ahtanum - Rob tells us all about this rather special hop Beer Brief: Jaipur Beer Here Now is the official Thornbridge Brewery Podcast... taking you behind the scenes of the brewery every month. Follow us on Twitter @ThornbridgePod Music kindly supplied by the brilliant Liberty Ship
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Beer Here Now
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Every month, your hosts James and Adam bring you the latest news from Thornbridge Brewery along with a host of features.

We'll go behind the scenes and meet the people behind the beers, learn about the history of the brewery, find out what's coming up, and lots more.

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Adam Nicholson

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I'm Adam, I'm the co-host of Beer Here Now. I'm passionate about great beer and the beer industry and like to use podcasting to express my knowledge and opinions.

James Marriott

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James is a Podcast Strategist and specialises in helping brands and individuals to get a podcast off the ground. His hobbies include football, fancy beer and collecting gadgets and microphones.